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"Hey guys, in order to inspire myself to be more active on Livejournal, I'm going to make a food picture post at the end of each month, complete with random bullet points about where my life's at! This is going to be great! High fives all around!"

...said I in freaking November 2012, before making a solitary food roundup picspam back in March and then scurrying back to my shadowy corner of Livejournal silence. Monthly... more like yearly. Failure, meet Lily.

And I've definitely been eating. Between working at a market research company part-time (not related to journalism whatsoever but my friend hooked me up with the job and it pays well), making new friends and hanging out too much for my own good, and my internship-turned-assistant-editor-position at a food site, there's been a lot of eating and very little exercise.

There's also been a lot of TV-watching (what else is new?). I have so many thoughts and opinions about all the shows I watch, but I'll just write about the new, first-season shows. I rarely have enough willpower to stay on for a lot of new shows these days, but I almost always give J.J. projects a shot, even when he's just the EP. Occasionally for the better, mostly for the worst. I'm looking at you, Revolution. But I digress.
  • Almost Human: [Thoughts.]I was really excited about the premise behind this show, not to mention the cast. But it's really fallen short of my expectations, though it's still somewhat entertaining comedy-wise. Karl Urban is disappointingly stiff in this role, as is Minka Kelly. Plus I was hoping for more plot-driven episodes and it's just been one crime of the week after the other. It also doesn't help that Fox showed almost all the episodes out of order so there was little to no consistency. At this point I'm only in it for Michael Ealy and all the stunning visuals that come from the technology. If the show even gets renewed, that is.
  • Believe: [Thoughts.]I don't think it's as terrible as a lot of critics say it is. Delroy Lindo and Kyle MacLachlan do a good job, and I like that Roman isn't just a bad guy, but that he and Milton are motivated by different causes (though it does seem one is much more "good" than the other). Also, three cheers for Jamie Chung! I like the chemistry between Jake McLaughlin and Johnny Sequoyah and can buy them as father and daughter. Admittedly she can get a little annoying, and he falls too deeply into the gruff, sarcastic, tough guy character (which would be fine if it weren't so one-note). I also think the "help-a-person-each-week" format more often than not seems jammed into the episode just to be there. Heck, even Shohreh Aghdashloo's appearance in last week's episode couldn't help it. We'll see where this show goes. There's still time for it to grow. And I really like the way it's filmed. It's kind of unusual for TV, no doubt thanks to Alfonso Cuarón.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: [Thoughts.]I just found out it's been canceled and that really bums me out. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I've come to like this show. It started out as a bit of a mess, but ever since the mid-season finale I've actually looked forward to these episodes more than the parent show's. I think it helps that Alice and the Knave have great chemistry, even as friends (plus Sophie Lowe and Michael Socha are good actors and pull off, in my opinion, a more natural, believable relationship than a lot of the people in the parent show). Alice and Cyrus started off as a typical, gag-inducing love fest that was all tell and no show, but now that they've fleshed out both of the characters I can buy it. But the biggest revelation is definitely Anastasia (the Red Queen). At the beginning I immensely disliked her because the acting and villainry seemed so over-the-top, but in retrospect it makes sense because the actress was playing a character playing a character. I didn't think the show would be able to redeem her without it being cheesy and illogical, but somehow it happened. She's come a long way and the actress perfectly hits on those moments of vulnerability and giving in to her darker side. Plus, can I please have her entire wardrobe?
But this is all just a wall of text for the real reason behind this post: my March food picspam! I've started slacking off with taking food pictures, but here are 12 of the yummy things I've gotten to eat this month.

[March 2014]

Mango coconut zucchini muffin; jerk chicken with stewed cabbage, rice and fried plantains; curry chicken with the same sides;
oxtail stew with the same sides; pork larb (spicy Thai minced meat salad); sautéed morning glory with crispy pork and chilis;
chicken shawarma, rice and lubiyeh (Lebanese green bean and tomato dish); Irish soda bread; Irish coffee cupcake;

sweet potato and crème brûlée pies; kale salad with chickpeas, avocado, roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc.; roasted duck and rice cake noodle soup
12 May 2012 @ 09:00 pm
My first entry of 2012.

I've finally reopened my icon journal! It only took forever, but those of you who know me know that procrastination rules my life. Anyway, some of you have probably seen a few of these icons before in various land comms, but maybe there'll be something you haven't seen yet? ;)

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19 December 2011 @ 12:00 am
Here are my Santa hats, Harry Shum Jr. and Glee style, for a challenge at landofart.

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